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Transfer from tank

Electronic scales BE

The electronic platform scales BE series are used to accurately weigh fire extinguishers, cylinders or bundles during filling operations. The platforms are particularly suitable to be used in the CO2 filling stations, as they are predisposed for the installation at floor level or inside the FCD/SSW2 structure.

Electrical control boards QE

The electrical control panels are specifically designed to supply power to the several instrumentation and equipment installed in the filling station and control them all. Main control panels are designed to start and stop the pumps, open and close the valves, detect temperatures and pressure by electronic sensors installed on field. They are available with electro-mechanic logic control or with PLC and relevant software logic control of the pumping and filling process.

Ramp for cylinder handling RC

This system is designed to internally treat the cylinders/reservoirs with a series of purge and vacuum cycles. It is suitable whenever the cylinders/containers need to be firstly drained by a sequence of vacuum and rinsing cycles, that is before filling any CFC/Freon cylinders. Each cylinder is connected to the manifold by flexible hoses and a quick-coupling connection.