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Cylinder handling

Bundle mixer GBMIXP1216

The unit allows speeding up the blending and the diffusion of gas component mixture inside the vertical bundles or the cylinders on pallets. It is designed to be installed in a foundation hole. This helps to easily load the bundle on the inverting frame at the floor level thanks to a trans-pallet.

Mixing inverter GBMIX5

Before using any gas mixture, you must get homogeneous contents inside the cylinders. Rolling is the most common process to mix gases inside cylinders. This unit has been designed for rolling gas mixture cylinders in horizontal position. It can also be used for removing interior rust by rolling the cylinder filled with some abrasive material.

Bake-out oven VBO-25

The bake-out oven allows to warm up to 90°C n° 25 cylinders at the same time. Connected to an internal manifold by flexible hoses, the cylinders are subjected to several cycles of vent, vacuum and rinsing with inert gas (Nitrogen), in order to reduce at a very low levels the residual moisture or gas contaminations. Special safety systems are installed in the cabin, the door and the electric control panel.