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Clean agents transfer

Mixer for 1 cylinder GBIX1 H

It is the unit expressly designed to accelerate the diffusion of pressurization Nitrogen inside the cylinder filled with the clean agent (FM200TM, NOVEC1230TM, etc.). The unit is able to move correctly the cylinder filled with the liquid extinguisher and the propellant Nitrogen by mixing them.

Cryogenic seperation SHN5

This unit is designed to process the Extinguishing Agent / Nitrogen mixture recovered into the cylinders by the THB5 unit (see also this unit), in order to separate the agent from the pressurization Nitrogen. Main purpose is to obtain a depressurized product and to stock it in normal and lighter cylinders.

Transfer and recovery THB5

The THB5 series is designed, to fill, recover and recycle the fire extinguishing Clean Agents (both in liquid and gas phases) from system cylinders into other cylinders or disposable tank. Depending from the model/version, it is possible to recover the mixture Agent + Nitrogen from pressurized cylinders into cylinders of the same capacity, also at the same final filling pressure of 24 or 42 bar.

SF6 transfer and recovery

The THBSF6 has been specifically designed to transfer and recovery sulphur hexachloride. The unit has the great advantage of pumping both the liquid and the gaseous phases of the product in order to get the maximum content from the source cylinder. The equipment is user-friendly and safe. To run, it does not need any electrical supply, only compressed air or Nitrogen.

FM 200 transfer and recovery

Suitable to handle the FM200™ or the HFC227 and the most common Clean Agents in the most efficient way, the 100/103FM unit consists of two separate sections. The first section pumps the product in liquid phase from source tank to cylinder allowing the pressurization with nitrogen at 24 or 42 bar in a single sequential operation. The second section allows recovering and re-utilizing the residual vapor product, remaining in gas phase inside the source tank.


The filtration module allows to re-use the recovered and depressurized Halon / Clean Agent returning it back to required specifications.

It is mandatory to use this device when achieving the following phases:

  • Just after Nitrogen separation phase (with SHN5 unit), in order to get a product complying with the specific properties required for re-using it.
  • Before the separation phase (SHN5 unit), when the product to be treated contains a lot of moisture.