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Cylinder testing station

Electronic scales BE

The electronic platform scales BE series are used to accurately weigh fire extinguishers, cylinders or bundles during filling operations. The platforms are particularly suitable to be used in the CO2 filling stations, as they are predisposed for the installation at floor level or inside the FCD/SSW2 structure.

Electric testing pump N7-15

Electrically driven, the N7/15 pump is able to perform hydraulic test up to 500 bar depending on the version. The pump is installed on a stainless steel base, predisposed to be fixed to the floor. The pump is supplied complete of electrical motor and accessories allowing the connection to an existing testing bench/ramp. The unit features excellent performances and it is very flexible as for the service.

Dial torque wrench

The torque wrench, DYNA 2350 model is a professional wrench for the most accurate control of valve tightening. DYNA 2350 unit is specifically suitable to the periodical control of the tightening operations achieved with EL valving / devalving units.

Internal inspection OFL

OFL01 has been specially designed to internally inspect gas cylinders during the hydraulic test process. It is the best solution to examine the internal surface of the cylinders preventing any risk connected to flammable or high oxidizing gases.

High pressure testing FIT50

The equipment is designed for the hydraulic testing of high pressure cylinders and fire-extinguishers. FIT/50 model is suitable for 6 cylinders. FIT/50 DUO is suitable for 6 + 6 cylinders for each testing cycle. Unlike the traditional testing systems, this unit allows the operator to work without cylinders full of water. Thanks to the integrated cylinder inverter and the manifolds, operations such as water filing, pressure testing and water purging are performed directly by the FIT50 unit, making the whole procedure less laborious, faster and safer.

Low pressure testing FIT50 LOW

FIT/50 LOW unit has been expressly designed to achieve the testing of Low Pressure Liquefied Gas cylinders (LPG, refrigerant gases etc.). Differently from the traditional testing equipment, with this unit the testing is carried out without handling any cylinder full of water. The whole procedure is achieved with the same unit, saving time and resources.

Internal cleaning ICS80

ICS80-A model is a sandblasting unit allowing to internally clean the cylinders by means of metallic microspheres, in a fully automatic and safe way. With it, you can get a perfect cleaning of the cylinder neck and and bottom. ICS80-A is designed for the internal cleaning of cylinders up to 85 cm height and 27 cm of external diameter

Electric valving/devalving unit EL60

EL60 allows to screw and unscrew valves from gas cylinders. You can find the standard version for inert and oxygen gases or the ATEX one for flammable gases (see dedicated tech sheet). This unit is self-supported and can be easily installed on the floor ground. In order to avoid operator to touch manually the cylinder or the valve during the operations, a front protection is available (ELPA model). The lower section of the unit is composed by electrical + pneumatic control boxes and a pneumatic vice for holding the cylinders. High quality and excellent performance are its key features.

Drying units for cylinder DRY

It is the most suitable unit to quickly remove the moisture generated by hydraulic testing inside extinguishers or cylinders (up to 18 lt). The DRY2 is suitable to be used in the workshop or on-board a mobile workshop. The DRY6 ensures high productivity by drying several extinguishers simultaneously.

Pneuamatic vices AIR

AIR series vices ensure a perfect clamping of cylinders. With them, you can easily achieve the whole range of maintenance operations such as punching, valve assembly and dismantling. They can be supplied with a steel support or a unique closing system designed for bench or wall mounting.

Protection for test bench FIT50

The FPF/50 is an accessory to the FIT50 test bench. It is expressly designed to allow safer testing operations of high pressure cylinders and fire extinguishers. It is composed by two lateral supports with slides where the protection front panel scrolls vertically. If the front door is opened during the cylinder pressurization by water, the pressure is automatically purged from the cylinders.

External cleaning RCP270

The RCP units are suitable for an accurate cleaning of cylinders and fire extinguishers by removing the old paint and the plastic labels from their external surface. With the RCP unit, the whole cleaning operations take place inside a closed cabin acoustically insulated, helping to keep the workplace clean and silent.

Automated high pressure testing mod. FIT 6-DUO EVO

The FIT 6-DUO-EVO is an advanced automated system for the hydraulic testing of cylinders and fire extinguishers. It has to be considered a development of the cylinder testing unit, FIT50 model.
The machine handles fully automatically the whole working cycle: cylinder filling, high pressure testing, cylinder emptying and drying by an advanced superheated vapour system.

The machine concept ensures very high productivity, more than thirty cylinders per hour with one and only operator managing the whole cycle directly on the control panel.